Composing Self in a Surveillance Culture (SAMLA 2015)

Earlier today, I presented the talk “Compositing Self in a Surveillance Culture:  Reminiscences and Notes on Teaching Personal Branding in College Writing Courses.”  

The following artifacts and resources were alluded to or directly cited during the presentation.

Note:  I am not including a copy of the talk because it is an article in-progress.

You are welcome to adapt these materials, but please know that they are protected by a Creative Commons license (see Course Philosophy).  Please include the following copied and pasted attribution to any modifications or links to my work:

Alexandria Lockett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Spelman College

If you attended my talk, I am grateful for your time and participation.

Interested in Race, Rhetoric, and Personal Branding?  Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn to continue this pedagogical conversation and/or to discuss potential collaborations for publishing work in this rich subject area.



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