Branding Spelman English and Writing Programs: Some Thoughts and Links

As a technical and professional writing instructor, I obtain professional development through “service” to my department as a social media marketing manager.  As part of this duty, I have consistently worked on documenting and advertising our department’s activities online.

Our active Twitter and Facebook pages are linked, and our activity has increased at least 300% since I started managing these pages.  Indeed, promoting our events, courses, and successes seems to stimulate the department because this content is juxtaposed with funding, publication, and job opportunities for students.  Although Instagram is our student’s preferred media of choice, their reliance on our online presence is increasing.  As Humanities fields like English and History struggle to recruit students, it is important for us to consider how we are marketing our value to the public.

I plan to come back to this post later with some reflections about my experiences designing and circulating marketing materials.

Here are some of the latest publications:

Spelman English Brochure

Spelman English Flyer

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