Writing About Race: Collaborative Writing as an Antiracist Strategy

Check out a recent piece that I co-authored on Superstition Review‘s blog.  This reflective piece of writing provides a glimpse of four women engaged in a critical discussion about the relationship between race and writing.

Here is an excerpt from its conclusion:

As a black woman, talking about race is simply part of my life. It is not an optional activity. It is not something that I do because I suddenly notice the prevalence of injustices that don’t inconvenience me too much. Of course, I have a much different relationship to the term “race” than other people do. For me, discussing the social, informatic phenomenon of race does not mean inciting difference for the sake of trying to be disruptive. It also doesn’t mean being impolite or rude. While I am always aware of race as a social construct, I am also aware of race as a cultural marker that signifies the fact of very unfortunate colonial pasts that need to be remembered—not forgotten—if they are to be learned from. History is most useful living in our memory to increase the substance of our souls, not played out in our everyday lives in a tragedy of blame and regret.



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