Alexandria Lockett is an Assistant Professor of English at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.  She deeply enjoys serving the oldest historically Black college for women, and is committed to teaching and learning about the relationship between composition, new media, sustainability, and collective intelligence.  For example, Alexandria actively contributes to Spelman’s Comprehensive Writing Program in major curricular initiatives like First-Year Composition and Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines (WAC/WID).   She was recently awarded a 2015 ACS Grant to organize and lead a faculty development symposium on Integrating Wikipedia into Writing-Intensive Courses at ACS Colleges.   Alexandria is also composing a book proposal for Leaked: A Rhetorical History of Miscegenation, as well as a longitudinal research effort to archive and analyze the writing experiences of Spelman College students.  This project, Mapping the Literacy Histories and Practices of Spelman College Writers: A Case Study in Big Data Applications for Small English Departments, has successfully obtained IRB approval and will commence in fall 2016.

Throughout her undergraduate studies at Truman State University (B.A.), and her graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma (M.A.) and the Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D.), she cultivated significant applied expertise in technical/professional writing, teaching with technology, and writing program administration in a range of learning sites such as writing centers, career services, and hybrid classrooms.  At these institutions, she operated in the capacities of tutor, consultant, mentor, editor, career assistant, administrator, and instructor, working with diverse groups of college writers representing all classification levels, academic programs, and disciplines, as well as various historically underserved gendered/ethnic/racial/linguistic/economic/able-bodied cultural identities.

Alexandria strongly believes in Open Access (OA) and Educational Resources (OER) because she is passionate about radical openness as an ethical principle and educational value.  She shares her teaching materials via SlideShare, this website, and her social media.  She also participates in Free/Libre Open Source Software advocacy because she strongly believes in the sustainability of the Internet and its freedoms.

For more information about her pedagogy experience, feel free to browse her Teaching Portfolio and relevant course experience.


Contact Information:  AlexandriaLockett@gmail.com

Social Media Networks: LinkedinTwitter and About.Me.


  1. I am a tutor at Wharton County Junior College, Sugar Land and looking forward to your symposium on November 11, 2016.

    • Hi Norma! Thank you!! I am honored and privileged to be part of the GSSC at Brazosport. Feel free to comment on any topics of interest that you are interested in discussing during this visit.

  2. I think I opened that can of worms when I attended the conference in reference to how to market my tutoring skills and the cost. I was looking forward to locating your notes from the conference, I did send you an e-mail to alocket2@spelman.edu.

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