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Resources for Writing Personal Statements

Presentations Designed

Powerpoint on Personal Statements and CVs:  PersonalStatements CVs_Fall2013

Powerpoint on Personal Statements:  Graduate School Personal Statements:  Purpose, Strategies, and Utility.

Online Resources

The Basics:  These resources offer standard information on personal statements, including their form and purpose.

Purdue OWL 

Virginia Tech Dept. of English Personal Statements Recommendations

The “Personal” Side of Personal Statements (by Professor Randall E. Osborne)

Berkeley Career Center’s Resource on Personal Statements (including video)

The Depths:  These resources address the personal statement writing process and some creativity issues writers face throughout their experience composing this type of document.  Many of them offers tips for sparking your creative process and further illustrate the differences between personal statements and other writing genres.

Definition of a Personal Statement (Mary Tolar)

Writing Personal Statements Online (by Joe Schall)

Samples of Personal Statements

Few authentic samples of personal statements exist online.  I realized as I was searching for them that the admissions process is internal.  Therefore, it makes sense why these statements are often collected by professional writers, career advisors, and life coaches for the purposes of publication.  I’d recommend asking graduate students and faculty for samples.  Also, you’ll probably want to look at some published anthologies for numerous, well-organized (usually by field or institution type).

Book Recommendations

When I applied for graduate school, I drew on these useful resources.

Getting What You Came For

Write Your Way Into the Graduate School of Your Choice

Writing a Winning Personal Statement 

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